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I remember when I started off, working in a bustling office, someone always seemed to be complaining about delays and interruptions to the workday. More often than not, the culprit was the office stationery and supplies.

I’ve seen so many incidents when something as simpleas an understocked cabinet can bring work to a halt.

You need a writing pad, the secretary doesn’t have it, so someone has to run out and get it.

It was then that I started to realize how much those small delays can end up costing the business.

So when I decided to start Lawazem, I had a clear vision of what needed to be done.

There needed to be a system in place dedicated to streamline a quality re-supply process for offices.

This is how I envisioned Lawazem. It is your virtual office manager, your stationery cabinet, always available, and without delays… Of course the times have changed and that no longer entails just pens and paper, but office equipment and everything in between, from markers and highlighters to toners and cartridges.

Our efficient and evolved business model, provides our customers not only with consistent, high quality, fast services but also some of the most competitive pricing among our competitors.

These are the cornerstones of Lawazem’s mantra, maintained from its inception to its current evolution.



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